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Remote Care Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring uses digital technology to collect medical health data and electronically transmits the information securely to your health care provider. This type of service allows a physicians to continue to track information such as blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, temperature, and heart rate. This is done in the comfort and privacy of your own home without having to log into a computer or smartphone.

Remote Care Monitoring is a form of Telehealth that is given to our patients from the comfort and privacy of their own homes without having to log in to a computer or smartphone. Each patient who is enrolled in this program will receive a smart hub and various healthcare devices that fit your individual needs and health concerns, such as a Pulse Ox, Scale, Blood Pressure Cuff, and a digital thermometer.

Dr. Craig Peters Discusses Remote Care Monitoring

What Our Patients Are Saying About Remote Care Monitoring

Why Remote Care Management?

Remote Care Management is an innovative method of healthcare that allows your physician to have a more robust and accurate look at certain chronic care health conditions in between regular follow up office visits. By tracking a your health information on a regular basis, our office now has the ability to see changes that could potentially lead to certain or additional health issues. Any out of normal range results are flagged in our system, which will prompt one of our trained Certified Medical Assistant staff members in our WellTouch Deparmtment to alert your physician for further instruction to be relayed back to you.

How Does it Work

If remote monitoring is thought to be appropriate to improve your health and wellbeing, a Smart Hub - and any devices requested on your behalf will be shipped directly to you. When you receive the devices, plug the Smart Hub into a wall outlet. Set up is that easy! The Smart Hub will utilize a cellular network to sync with all of your devices, and once you have completed using the devices, it transmits the data back to our office. Our dedicated Remote Care Monitoring team monitors this data to ensure that your physician is continually up to date with your health!

Remote Care Monitoring Video

For a more in-depth look at Remote Care Monitoring, please watch the video at the link below.

Remote Care Monitoring

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